Wednesday, April 7, 2014
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Yankton, SD—Republican United States Senate Candidate Jason Ravnsborg attended the joint press conference held by two of the candidates for the United States Senate today in Sioux Falls.

“I was surprised that both gentlemen seemed to favor more regulation and also favor restrictions of our First Amendment rights,” said Ravnsborg.  “While this is understandable from a liberal Democrat, it was surprising from the self-proclaimed ‘most conservative elected Republican’ in the state.  These are not the conservative ideals I have ever supported and I do not, and will not support these ideals in the future.”

Ravnsborg continued, “I believe in the conservative principles of less government involvement and the rights of all citizens to enter their ideas into the arena of political discourse.  I entered this race to foster the discussion of the issues and I am constantly seeking to determine where all the candidates stand on the issues.”

Both candidates discussed the recent United States Supreme Court decision of McCutcheon et al v. FEC, No. 12-536 (2014), wherein the Court found, on First Amendment grounds, that Mr. McCutcheon should be allowed to make contributions to as many candidates as he wished while maintaining the limits that are currently in place regarding limits on campaign contributions.

“I have reviewed the decision and I believe the United States Supreme Court correctly decided this case, and I believe all citizens should be allowed to contribute to as many candidates as they can afford and desire,” said Ravnsborg.

In reference to discussion about the roles of in-state versus out-of-state contributions in this senate race Ravnsborg stated, “If my opponents would seek to change the law I believe they owe the voters an explanation on how they would do so, not just say they are against it.”

Continuing with that train of thought, Ravnsborg explained further, “We need to start solving problems in this country, not simply just saying no and then not offering any solutions.  For example, I am for the repeal of Obamacare, but I support its replacement by the Patient CARE Act.  I am for balancing the federal budget through the lowering of corporate taxes and reducing spending via the Penny Plan.”

“I encourage everyone to research these issues and plans and, more importantly, ask all candidates for their solutions to the problems facing our nation, whether it is campaign financing, the budget, healthcare, or any other topic.  Ask for their solutions, not simply if they are against something.”